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December 3, 2018

Millennials Strongly Desire Package Innovation But are Disappointed by Current Manufacturer Efforts.

Easy Product Identification to Reduce Shopping Time Tops List of Consumer Needs that Increase the Customer Experience.

A recently conducted U.S. study by Whitcup Associates, LLC indicates that over 8 in 10 Millennials find compelling supermarket/grocery store product packaging that is recognizable to reduce shopping time. Other highly desirable needs to 7 in 10 Millennials includes packaging that:

  • Is biodegradable/reduces carbon footprint.
  • Is simplified (larger fonts, shorter names, limited graphics).
  • Utilizes different colors/shades to differentiate products in a line.
  • Indicates charities/causes supported by the manufacturer.
  • Describes manufacturer’s food chain/environmental initiatives.

Smartphone applications containing information specific to a particular neighborhood and provide details regarding product origin, manufacture and sustainability are also popular, added Morris S. Whitcup, Ph.D., President.

Millennials are unimpressed by recent manufacturer packaging innovations. Of the nine tested product categories, only electronics (35%) is perceived by a noticeable minority as having introduced innovative packaging in the past year, added Keith LaMattina, Director of Research Services.

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Examples of Studies

Consumer Label Comprehension Research

Label comprehension research is required by the FDA for RX-OTC switches and for changing such components as dosing instructions and product warnings. Whitcup Associates, LLC has extensive experience in conducting successful studies to help obtain FDA approval.

We have also assessed physician comprehension of professional communications, enabling our client in one particular case to obtain first-line approval for their product.

Medical Device Assemblage and Instruction Comprehension

The challenge of this study was to demonstrate both understanding of device instructions AND actual correct assemblage of the device in a research program to be submitted to the FDA. Key to study success was development of a special program to train interviewers.

International Pricing and Line Optimization (LOT) Study

In this multi-country international study, our client wished to evaluate pricing issues relating to their OTC products and identify the best combination of pricing not only for each individual item but for the line as well (line optimization).

Results of this study identified “ideal” pricing for each line component and identified instances in which product trial and depth of use could be increased without jeopardizing line profitability.

Flavor Selection

Our client had over 100 possible new flavors for their product line. We developed a protocol that evaluated best combinations of products that would have the highest appeal and be unique versus their current offerings and competitive products.

Positioning Research

Our client had many possible positioning elements and platforms for their brand. This study measured which individual elements were most unique and attractive to consumers. Furthermore, through TURF and other multivariate statistical approaches, combinations of elements that attracted the widest consumer audience were identified.

Concept/Product Testing and Modeling

Key to modeling real-world product success is the appeal of the product concept, accompanied by the fit of the product with consumer expectations. The design we developed measured consumer product acceptance at the conceptual and actual use stages, guiding product modeling and forecasting.

Category and Brand Tracking

This ground-breaking study established incidence of category use in a complex multi-tiered disease category, profiled brand and category users, and measured brand perceptions. Results were utilized to develop targeting and positioning for our client’s brand.

Studies conducted by Whitcup Associates, LLC, are much more than mere presentations of numbers.
We fully interpret data so that it is meaningful and useful for our clients.